Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Make an Improvised Art Quilt Day 8: Inner Stuff

The quilt composition improvised from my fused fabric scraps is complete and it's time for the fun part, adding fine details with hand stitchery! But first.....
It's not glamorous but someone has to do it. We have to make the inner stuff, the batting and Timtex that give you something to stitch into and that will hold the quilt into shape. We'll do this with a Wrapped Binding. (You can find more precise directions here, Wrapped Binding Directions.) The first step in making a Wrapped Binding is to  measure the quilt top. Stack the Timtex and batting (scrim side to Timtex) and cut them about 1 1/2" smaller on each edge than the quilt top. Then cut off and additional 1/2 around each edge in a wavy manner.
After the batting and Timtex are cut the same size and shape, open them up and mark at a corner where they match up. This is very important! Do this for your sanity.
Now center the batting onto the back side of the quilt. The background fabric is about 1" larger than the batting on each edge. Remember this batik background fabric has fusible web all over it. (Set the Timtex aside. After all the hand embroidery is done through the batting layer, then you'll put the Timtex behind the batting.)
So be careful! Flip the quilt top and batting over and slip release paper underneath. The release paper is there to keep you from fusing the quilt top to the ironing surface.
Using a dry pressing cloth, steam set the quilt top to the batting for 10 seconds in each spot. Glide the iron, don't place it or you will have iron shapes all over your quilt. (Ask me how I know.)
Now that we've steam set the glue the fun part begins! Hand stitchery!


Joan said...

so did you set the timtex aside? you don't mention it after cutting it with the batting.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Yes, Joan. You set the Timtex aside until after all the hand embroidery is done then place it in back of the quilt.
Thanks for noticing my omission. I'll correct the post now.