Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Make an Improvised Art Quilt: Day 1....Seduced!

As with most of my art making, the design of a new quilt begins with scraps of fused fabric. It's always a mystery when I start a quilt in this way. How large will it be, what colors and shapes will it contain? And most importantly will I like the results?
Today begins a week-long series of posts showing you the evolution of a piece of artwork. These fused silk fabric scraps from previous projects are the "starter dough", the puzzle parts that I must fit together. They were chosen for their shape and color and because they seduced me with their silky sheen. Those naughty fabrics!
The large red shape above suggests a horizon line or a division of space. The slope of that curve is most attractive! This fabric is the trigger, the beginning of the quilt design.

I hope you enjoy this series about making an improvised art quilt. You are welcome to follow along and make your own version of the project. And maybe together we'll discover just what the heck we're doing!



Sigo muy atenta sus avances!!!
Muchas gracias!!

susan said...

I'm going to LOVE this! THank you so much for sharing!

Donna said...

I look forward to watching your improvised art quilt come to life!

Shaz said...

I am really looking forward to this week, and following you along with your art quilt. I may even try it myself along with you.
Thank you for the opportunity

Amy Parra Morusiewicz Fun from A to Z! said...

tempted by the scraps of another, tempted by the silks to discover, what's been sewing on, now that you have gone, there's no other...