Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Make an Improvised Art Quilt: Day 2...Clueless

Making an art quilt from my vast collection of fused fabric scraps is quit exciting! The results are unknown and the maker remains ....clueless. But after auditioning several colors, this fabric is chosen as a base or background for the quilt design.
 The light valued gradation of green, blue, and violet seemed the perfect foil for that seductive red silk fabric, a fabric with a lovely curve.
Being ever alert, I notice that some of the silk scraps chosen for the project are already cut on the bias. The light bulb turns on and I cut bias strips from these gold and green silks.
Turns out that bias cut strips are perfect for weaving because they don't fray.( Fraying is the bane of the fuser!) The bias strips are woven into a collage and fused together on release paper. After it cools, the collage is peeled off and free-cut into this shape.
Now I know what I'm making! It's a basket or pot that is holding something. And the red curved fabric is a table! Stay tuned for even more exciting revelations tomorrow where the maker finally gets a clue.


sanann said...

I am enjoying this very much. I wish I could just let go and see what happens. I've got too many irons in the fire to try now...but maybe after the holidays during the January funk I will try it. Thanks for being so inspiring. Sandi

Laura Wasilowski said...

January is my favorite month just for that reason Sandi. It's a quiet month with little travel and usually I'm snowed in!


Cuanta inquietud al leer su blog...sigo mirando maƱana!!

Janelle said...

It is looking good so far. I'm sure that when you do get a clue the little quilt will turn out beautifully.

Monica said...

How do you store the scraps. I may have to move in the space under the house if my bags of scraps grow any more.

myrtle said...

WoW! that was so awesome.i really enjoyed your blog.
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