Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Make an Improvised Art Quilt: Day 3...Discoveries

It's taken 3 days, but finally a plan has emerged. The vessel sitting the the table is now officially identified as a "flower pot". (For a while I considered turning it upside down and making it into a hat but clearer minds prevailed.) Note that the pot isn't fused into place on the pastel background fabric yet. Things may change and I must be free to reposition my pot!
Returning to my bag o'scraps, I discover salmon colored silk shapes along with a precisely cut crescent shape. This scallop edged crescent is an extra flower cut from the Kay's Bouquet Accuquilt die used in my IQF class kits in Houston. (Proving that there is life after Houston.)
Using my favorite sharp scissors, I free-cut a trumpet shaped flower to go along with the die cut flower. Should I use the die cut silk flower and combine it with free-cut trumpet flower?
 No! Lets make it a doily! Or, as we call it at my house, an antimacassar. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of creating an improvised art quilt. Or as we call it at my house, play time!


WoolenSails said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Julia in NZ said...

Love your stream of consciousness-led process, Laura. Antimacassars aren't exactly the same as a doily, though structurally could be identical. Macassar was a kind of hair gel in the prehistoric days and so anti - m...s were the things on the back of armchairs. Doilies went under things like pots. Great words, though.

Laura said...

Really? Do you really think there is a life after Houston???
Happy Thanksgiving from your homounimous living on the other side of the world. Laura from Italy