Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to Work with Mysterious Color Chips

Packing for a week of play at Art Quilt Tahoe was really simple. Just dump all my tubs of fused fabric scraps into plastic bags and stuff them in my luggage. Note how neatly the color chips are divided into colorways. This was done about 50 years ago while still young and nimble.
Here is an example of how fused color chips can be assembled. Improvising as you go, just overlap the edges and fuse sets of collages together on release paper. Then pull it off the release paper and make something charming. Or at least colorful.

Who knows what will become of these fabric scraps I'm playing with this week. Will new quilt tops emerge? Will A brilliant idea strike me while playing with the scraps? Or will the high altitude render me artless? Stay tuned!

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Merrie Jo said...

I bought a bag of your scraps in Houston. I think I'll play and see what I can create! Thanks for the idea.