Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Secret About This New Magazine

Speaking of magazines, have you seen this new magazine called IQ International Quilts? The premiere issue was released at the recent International Quilt Festival in Houston. It is packed full of photos and articles on quilt makers from around the world.

The exquisite cover quilt is by Yoko Sekita from Japan. Inside is a gallery of her work and that of Sally Scott (South Africa), and Parisian artists, Edyth Raymond and Gabriel Paquet. The tour of international quilting continues with colorful images from Australia, the UK, and the Hoffman facility in Bali.(Great photos!)
Quiet Morning designed on an IPad
Included in this premiere issue is my article: Design Your Next Quilt with an IPad. It shows you how to use your IPad as a digital sketchbook and how to convert your drawings into fabric. I must confess. I've only done this once and it was for this article. Don't tell anyone!
Quiet Morning sketch used as the pattern.
Deb Roberts is the editor of the new magazine, travel host, and she's been all over the map. The quilting reports from each corner of the globe prove that this love of fabric and stitching is an international obsession!


Jackie said...

I had picked up this magazine in a Barnes and Noble a few weeks back and loved your article! I have an iPhone, iMac, and a MacBook... now if I can just justify an iPad... Hmmm... Santa???

Sewconsult said...

Wonderful! Hope to get a copy tomorrow when I am out and about. I have the iPad and the app, so all I need is a tutorial.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

WoolenSails said...

Love the idea of an ipad and drawing too. I do have a drawing pad but have not used it in years, I tend to be the pencil and paper type;)


Lisa said...

Very nice! I haven't seen this magazine but it looks like one to check out. Fun to see what others are doing around the world.

Janelle said...

My husband has an iPad. Maybe I can steal it from him sometime and try this out.