Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is Why I Love Quilting

Caryl Fallert Mary Aldine, and me.
People often ask if I like what I do. Sure, I say, except for the arduous schlepping of bags, being a traveling quilt teacher is a great job!
Susan Brubaker Knapp, me, and Jane Sassaman
What do you like most about what you do? That's easy, I say.
Frieda Anderson and Pam Holland
I like the people I meet when I travel and teach and vend. They are interesting people with interesting lives who happen to share the same interesting profession.
Hollis Chatelain a gifted hula-hooper.
Some are especially gifted at what they do.
Karen Kay Buckley, me, and Mary Sorenson
And all are are good people that are fun to be with. They are why I love quilting.


Gene Black said...

The people I have met in quilting have made it far more enjoyable.

Janelle said...

I need to meet some nice interesting people who like to make arty quilts in my town. I feel like I'm living on my own island right now. Maybe when my kids are older I can get out more and be part of this fun world. For now I just live it through reading interesting blogs. Thanks.

Robin in WNC said...

You just happened to have a hula-hoop at a quilt show! What an exciting life you live. I would love all the quilters but I don't know about all the travel.