Sunday, December 04, 2011

Guest Artist: A Humorous Approach

Tree of Life by Pam
This delightful quilt is made by Pam, our guest artist today. The fabric in the background was a free sample she received for placing an order on the Artfabrik site a few months back. She mentioned to me that after purchasing my book and DVD she has "learned so much from your detailed directions and humorous approach to teaching."
Pretty Me by Pam
Thank you Pam. It is true. Humor is very important in quilting cause so much can go dreadfully wrong. Thanks for sharing your work with us!



Gene Black said...

I agree and with humor you allow yourself the freedom to see it as a "design change" not a mistake/failure.

ellen gets crafty said...

Yea Pam!!!!!

Pam said...

Such an honor--thank you, Laura, I really appreciate it!!

myrtle said...

WoW! that was really nice.=D
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