Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guest Artist: She Started It All!

Meet my friend Janet. Janet is a lot of fun. Janet is a quilter. See her lovely quilt behind her? Janet is the reason I'm a quilter too.
A quilt made with Janet in mind called Filling Janet's Shoes (on exhibit).
When I first met my neighbor, Janet, it was friendship at first sight. We become good friends and she introduced me to the world of quilting. We went to quilt shows and programs and exhibits. Like your quilt friends, Janet opened my eyes to a whole new wonderful world! She started it all! Thanks Janet!


WoolenSails said...

Love her shoe piece. It is wonderful to have a friend like her and be able to share your love of quilting.


Donna said...

Janet sounds like a fabulous neighbor and she certainly looks like a lot of fun! I love, love, love your Filling Janet's Shoes quilt too!
Have a quiltabulous day!

Cathy H said...

lucky to have such a great quilting the quilt behind her in the photo.....and love your shoe quilt too....