Thursday, December 01, 2011

Is It Too Soon to Long for Summer?

I am so looking forward to this! As we enter the dismal days of winter, summer is already calling my name. "Laura," it says, "Don't you miss me already?"

Yes, confound it! That is why I'm longing for the  Madeline Island School of the Arts where my workshop Translating Ideas into Fabrics takes place June 4 - 8, 2012.
The facilities and setting are wonderful on Madeline Island. It's an island plopped in Lake Superior and surrounded by the Apostle Islands (which are known for their sea caves, beaches, lighthouses and quilt teachers hungry for summer). 

Join me! We shall shed the shackles of winter together!


Monica said...

this is the time of the year when i truly appreciate living in central Texas. Cool mornings, well cold to us, 41 degrees and later today 74. hang in there Laura!

Sequana said...

You do realize that what we've been living thru are the dismal days of FALL! It's not nearly actual winter yet. :)

Boy, you have a long wait.

Gene Black said...

I suppose I am going to have to do a "pretend" class and just read your tutorials and work on my own. LOL. I just ordered some supplies from a very nice lady.