Monday, December 19, 2011

Stitch Therapy: 5 Reasons to Stitch

When I received my degree in Stitchology (with a minor in Thread-u-cation) I thought, what will I do with this degree? And, who in the heck gets a degree in Stitchology?
Before stitching. Not so interesting.
But then I remembered the many benefits of hand stitching:
1. You get to sit down.
2. You get to make daring thread color choices that may appear rash but are oh, so satisfying.
3. You can stitch while watching TV and look at your artwork during the scary parts.
4. You can look productive when really all you are doing is playing around.
5. You will be admired by all who like the idea of going from flat to fabulous.
After stitching. Way more interesting!
Hand sewing is one of our oldest crafts. It's in your bones people! Doing hand work frees your mind to wander and gives you a feeling of accomplishment because you are making a thing of beauty. We need beautiful things in our life! So listen to you Stitchologist, stitch something today!
(This free Stitch Therapy session was brought to you by the Artfabrik Stitchers. Stitch on!)


The Belly Dancer said...

I love it! So true about stitching! Fun post! Wonderful pictures! Love your blog.

Janelle said...

I like to crochet for the same reasons. I also use my hand stitching time to catch up on movies that I want to see.

saraz said...

All things look brighter with a little hand stitching.

Julie Bagamary said...

Your blog makes me smile!

WoolenSails said...

Great lesson and so true. I do find hand stitching more satisfying than working on the machine.


Donna said...

I don't do much hand stitching but this post (and your fabulous quilts) make me want to hand stitch! I even have some of your beautiful threads. What else do I need? Oh yeah, something on which to stitch. Now you've got me thinking!

juanita said...

People are always asking me why I hand stitch everything. Here are a couple from my growing list. It's calming, for years it helped me to decompress after my day job as a social worker, I'm afraid of machines, it's quiet, I can sit in comfort in front of the TV:-)
Love your blog.