Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stitch-a-thon Day 2: Got Your Anthers Handy?

Welcome back to Day 2 of hand stitching a fused art quilt. Now, not to get all botanical on you,  but we are about to stitch those things sticking out of the flowers, the filaments and the anthers. Using a Size 12 cotton thread in the Sunflowers colorway, add Straight Stitches across the filaments. A healthy French Knot on the tip, or anther, looks like a big dollop of  pollen. If you were a bee, you'd be dancing! (Thanks Gene for all this filament/anther info!)
Our next step is to stitch the leaves. Without stitching the leaves are plain as toast without jelly. They have no definition. But slap a Fly Stitch on a leaf and suddenly it changes from featureless to dynamic! In this version of the Fly Stitch, you are adding Fly Stitches in a line to create the veins for the leaves.
The Size 12 thread in the Tangerine colorway works for the leaves and is also used to outline the stems of the flowers with a.... Stem Stitch. Tangerine is in keeping with the flower color and contrasts nicely with the green of the leaves. There's more to show you tomorrow. Until then, practice your bee dance!


louise said...

Watching your progress makes my Fingers restless. My fingers are too Sore to Sew (slicing n dicing holiday dinner).

donaleen said...

I am curious why you are stitching with size 12 thread. Is it because of the silk?

WoolenSails said...

I love how the multicolored threads look. I need to come up with a project to use the ones you gave me, want them for something special.


Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Donaleen,
Yes, I'm working with the size 12 pearl cotton because the silk is a finer fabric and I get a finer stitch with the size 12.

The size 8 pearl cotton is great for cotton quilts, stitches easily and shows up nicely. But a size 12 seemed right for this silk quilt. I will use some size 8 on this quilt when a bolder line is needed.