Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stitch-a-thon Day 3: Degas Blue Saves the Day!

It's Day 3 of adding hand stitchery to a fused art quilt. And today we attack the basket! One of our most versatile, yet humble, stitches, the Stem Stitch, is used around the basket edge. This outlines the basket and give it a nice neat finish. By using the heavier Size 8 perle cotton thread (in the Sunflowers colorway) we repeat the colors found in the flowers, border and basket fabrics. It's always good to repeat colors to give artwork a cohesive feel.

The basket rim could use a decorative element to help set it aside from the rest of the basket. Enter French Knots and Straight Stitches added across the rim. This Degas Blue thread in Size 12 is just the right shade of blue to go with the salmon, gold, and green in the basket.

The doily beneath the basket can also be decorated. Using the Size 12 thread in the famous Pickle Juice colorway, a modified Blanket Stitch is added around the scalloped edge of the doily.
And why not French Knots and Straight Stitches in our Degas Blue thread to add some spark to the doily. My, aren't we a handsome doily!
With all this addition of Degas Blue to the basket and doily, the flowers are looking a little plain. Adding Degas Blue to the flowers will help the viewer's eye travel around the piece seeking out the next occurrence of blue thread and shift interest back to the flowers. A Zig Zag Stitch across the flower top accomplishes this. Now I feel much better. Please visit me tomorrow as we finish up our hand stitchery!


Julie Bagamary said...

Looking good. I've never gotten the hang of French Knots.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Julie,
The French Knot is really essential for embroidering your art work. Please check out the Stitch Videos page at the top of my blog. Maybe that tutorial will help. See it here:

Julie Bagamary said...

Thanks -your method seems simple enough - worth another try :)

WoolenSails said...

I love how you simplify things, that is the only way I can learn and keep it in my head;) I have modified stitches, sometimes I cannot figure out a stitch, but if I play around, I find a way to do an embellishment on my own.


Sherrie Spangler said...

I love how your hand stitches make the design come alive. Thanks for the inspiration!