Saturday, December 31, 2011

Want to See Some Tiling with Nancy Z?

So I'm drifting through the Internet the other day (in my zombie like surfing mode) when what do I come across? It's a YouTube video of Nancy Zieman and me talking about Tiling.
Tiling is a method of overlapping fused symmetric fabric shapes onto each other in a tile like fashion. You can build textured and patterned collages in this way with square, circle, or even leaf shapes like these above. (The leaves are cut with an AccuQuilt fabric cutter and die.)

The video is not only educational but I'm wearing my favorite shirt. Sadly the shirt has passed on to shirt heaven. I miss that shirt.


Pam said...

Fun little video--and I actually have some wonder under AND a day off--this rainy day may find me fusing and creating!!! Happy New Year, Laura.

WoolenSails said...

I have a lot of learn this year, lol.
I got an ipad for Christmas, so my new toy and I got sketchbook pro for it, nice drawing program and it was only 1.99.


Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Laura! May your humour and style continue to grace cyberspace (and elsewhere!) through 2012 and beyond. :-)

susan said...

Thank you for your blog! It has brought moments of laughter and creative joy this past year. Happy New Year Laura! So looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring to your blog!

Sequana said...

Wow! You were on with Nancy?

That's about the most impressive thing I've seen about you yet..........can I have your autograph? And will you sign it "Nancy?"

Happy New Year!