Monday, December 12, 2011

What Makes This a Happy Accident

So, I'm cutting up a bunch of flowers for the give-away on the Artfabrik website and using my handy dandy Baby Go! Cutter with my new Kay's Bouquet die. It's a regular day, same ol', same ol'.

Then, what to my wondering eyes does appear but a new use for the cutter! I accidentally dropped one of the flowers on the flower die and it gets cut again. (See that crescent shape cut from the flower above?) This happy accident shows that you can use the die cutters to re-cut or modify shapes you've already cut! It's a miracle!

Tomorrow I'll show how I'm using this in my next quilt. I can hardly wait!


Jackie said...

I love accidents like that!

WoolenSails said...

Accidents can give us some of our best pieces and makes us think outside the box.


Linda said...

Most great inventions were perfected by accidents!

Sandra Scott Textile Artist said...

I love your blog and say hello to Janet! It is great to have friends who have a common thread! Thanks to both of you for the inspiration.

kaney said...

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