Friday, December 23, 2011

Why This Quilt Candidate Won This Election

Quilt Candidate #1
Thank you so much for your input regarding which background fabric to use to frame my little composition above. Sadly, this yellow background did not win. Not enough support in the "primary". (Get it?!)
Quilt Candidate #2
Of the several framing fabric candidates to choose from, this one was also set aside. The patterning of the batik fabric is too strong and pulls interest from the quilt. Also, it was disqualified because one person voted for it twice.
Quilt Candidate #3
Quilt Candidate #3 was very popular because of it's complimentary color. I really tried to make this one work. But when your framing fabric looks like a snow storm, then the story of the quilt changes from a Spring Day to a Return of Winter Day. (We call this "flip flopping.") The purple batik changed the tone or feel of a piece too much for me.
Quilt Candidate #4
The intense green of this batik fabric really said Spring to me.  But again, the surface pattern overwhelmed the design. And, as in any election, too much noise is bad.
Quilt Candidate #5
And here is our winner, Quilt Candidate #5. Again, I have the advantage of seeing these background fabrics in person not through an image on the web. This fabric was chosen because it give the quilt a fresh, Spring-like look. The surface pattern is subtle and the color repeats the light greens in the composition. This candidate also won the support of more color and pattern with the blue squares and pink dots around the edge.

Thank you so much for your advice, suggestions, and votes. The voters may have spoken but let's face it, I'm a quilt dictator!


saraz said...

So glad you picked #5 since that is the one I picked. Great minds and so forth!

sanann said...

I'm happy the purple had a decent showing since it was my favorite. I usually get my hubby to help pick borders etc. He has a great eye for what looks best and why. I didn't get him to look at yours 'cause he is busy saving worlds in puter and xbox lands :) Hope your holidays are joyful.
Merry Christmas, Sandi

PS Do you ever look at the word verification words and think...hmm, that would make a good new word? I think I need more coffee or more sleep. :)

WoolenSails said...

I can definitely see the differences and what worked with the piece, really shows off the colors without competing with the design.


Janelle said...

I think that you pick the best one for this quilt.

Nienke said...

Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts to learn from!

Julie Bagamary said...

The final piece looks wonderful. I must admit though, the purple background could have worked as rain for the spirng flowers....:)