Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Follow These Rules When Using Decorative Blades

Feeling adventurous? Want to add a decorative line to your fabric but have a fear of decorative rotary cutter blades? Calm down. I'm here to help.
Olfa decorative blades (45 mm)  will fit either brand of rotary cutter handle.
Here are a few rules to give you confidence when using decorative rotary cutter blades:
  • The best decorative rotary cutter blades I have found are made by Olfa. They are very sharp so be careful!
  • You can use Olfa brand blades with most standard 45 mm rotary cutter handles.
  • To replace the blade, take out the straight blade. To save your sanity, keep all the parts in order as you remove the blade so you can reassemble everything. (Olfa has a really good video on changing the blade. Go this page on their site and look for view our blade change demo video here)
  • Look at the decorative blade.Most decorative blades have their brand etched or printed on one side. Place the decorative blade with the words out or away from the handle.
  • Add the washer to the other side of the handle and tighten the screw. The blade should roll easily but not wobble when cutting.
  • Flip your cutting mat over and cut on the wrong side of the mat. Decorative blades can mess up your grid lines.
  • Place your fabric glue side up on the mat before cutting so the fabric doesn't tack to the mat and fray when you remove it.
  • You may have to apply more pressure when using a decorative blade, they don't cut as easily as straight blades.
  • Do not run your blade up against a ruler. The blade will chip the ruler and it will dull the blade.
  • To cut a straight line, place the ruler on the fabric and score the fabric by running your fingernail along the edge of the ruler. Slide the ruler aside to brace the fabric, then cut along the scored line.
Small World 9" x 7" using both scallop and pinking blade.
I hope this helps you in your next adventure in fusing. Decorative blades add a wonderful embellished edge to your fabric. One word of warning however. If you cut every edge with a decorative blade, your quilt may vibrate and cause a seizure.


begoña said...

Hola soy Begoña me encanta tu blog y gracias por el tutorial de como utulizar la cuchilla giratoria.saludos

Richard Healey said...

I thank you for your post on the decorative blades I have been looking at them and wanting to take the plunge but scared too now I plan to buy one.


Christine Patton said...

I've had these blades for ages, but haven't pulled them out. I think it's definitely time I start playing with them. Thanks for the encouragement!


Donna said...

Thanks for the decorative blade rules. It's helpful info. Oh and I appreciate the seizure warning too. I'll be extra careful if I cut every edge!

Needleit said...

Great tips! Turning the mat over and glue side up, so simple but very smart. Thanks :)

WoolenSails said...

Never thought of scoring and that gave me an easy idea, how about using the roller chalk pen along the ruler, then following that?


Anonymous said...

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