Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Serial Quilting Buddies

I know what you are thinking. What do these chicken have to do with quilting? Like many of you chickens are my inspiration, my muse, and the back up singers for the quilt, Chicken Music.
Chicken Music
Did you ever have a chicken phase? For a long time chickens were the theme of many of my quilts. They became so familiar, I could free-cut a chicken in any pose: nesting, dancing, singing. Making chicken quilt after chicken quilt is called "working in a series".

Alas, my chicken themed quilts are now a thing of the past. You could say they have gone home to roost.


Gene Black said...

I have yet to do a series, but a Christmas tree series is in my plans. Ha ha. My fused Christmas tree quilt was such a hit that I have to repeat it.

Thearica said...

Do you have your chicken themed quilts in a Flickr album or other online album somewhere?

I love your Chicken Music! Fantastic!

Margaret said...

Nope; not a chicken person (though I once roomed with one at a quilting retreat). I'm a cat person who has yet to make a Puss-in-the-Corner block...but it's on my bucket list!

WoolenSails said...

I always hated doing chickens or roosters, my grandmother made them all the time, but now I am beginning to like them and they are fun to do in pieces.


Nancy said...

I see that your "lovely assistant" is leading the choir. How appropriate.

netdera said...

hmm! very nice

Richard Healey said...

I love the chicken quilt. Its quit cool.