Saturday, January 07, 2012

No More Coffee, Thank You

Me on caffeine. Or a sweater wearing me.
Thank you for joining me in an effort to de-decaffeinate myself. The lucky winner of our first  Free on Friday skein of hand-dyed Size 8 pearl cotton thread in the Cafe au Lait colorway is: Lynn the Alamosa Quilter. Congratulations Lynn!
But I have a little treat for the rest of you as well. If you visit this page on my web site, you see the needle and thread chart for matching embroidery needles with thread sizes. But there is also a PDF you can click on and print. It is a PDF of embroidery stitch diagrams.
Happy stitching!


saraz said...

You read my mind. In spite of having several embroidery books, I was wanting a quick reference stitch sheet. Did I miss some or are there five stitch diagrams? Will you do more? By the way, the size 4 needles are a dream come true. They thread easily and stitch right through my fabrics. Needle problems solved!

Gene Black said...

Yaay For Lynn! She is a wonderful person. I am so happy she won!

The PDF is a great resource.

WoolenSails said...

I was lucky and found an old booklet from coats and clark with stitches and diagrams, now I need to try the harder ones and practice.


Donna said...

At least, your sweater wasn't wearing caffeine! I must say it's a mighty pretty sweater. Thanks for the PDF. I will need it when I finally decide to give stitching a good whirl!