Monday, January 30, 2012

Seduced by an IPad Cover

Digital sketch made with the Art Studio app on the IPad
Like many of you I've been seduced and charmed by the IPad. It houses my favorite app, Art Studio, and let's me surf at the touch of a finger tip. So why not give it a sweet place to live?
Seedpods #2 was printed in repeat using Spoonflower's custom fabric printing service.
Hence a new IPad cover made using a sweet template and instructions from Clover and Nancy Zieman of Nancy's Notions. The outside cover fabric is an image of my quilt, Seedpods #2 (above), that I had printed in repeat using the Spoonflower  custom fabric printing service. Inside is a green batik fabric.
For someone who can not read or follow directions without changing course, this was a very easy project. The well written directions for E-Tablet and Paper Tablet Keepers have great illustrations to match. (Watch a helpful Youtube video that Nancy's made on how the tablets are made.) The construction of the IPad cover goes quickly and you can easily alter the design if you like.

Which I did.
Here are the changes I made:
First I painted the elastic for the corners to hold down the IPad. My reason? We had a snow storm and I could not go to the store to get the black elastic and I kinda like this blue-green version anyway!

A stylus keeper was necessary too to hold my handy-dandy BoxWave stylus in place using another painted strip of elastic. I just stitched it to the top of the inside cover.

Instead of using elastic on the base of the cover, I chose to make little triangles to hold hold the Ipad in place.

A fused binding with decorative machine stitches was really fast to do.

My favorite innovation in the design? Adding a small pocket to the inside to hold papers. (I used the flap template for this.)
This is Frieda Anderson's version of the paper keeper. Just beautiful!
There are several other versions of how to make an Ipad cover or tablet keeper (like Frieda's above) available on Nancy's blog. You'll be amazed at what people did. After you visit her blog link, you want to leave a comment on her blog. The generous people at Clover have provided 3 prizes for a February 1 giveaway!


JessicaSews said...

Love it!

And, ssn't it fun to make a little something for ourselves!

Nancy Zieman said...

Wow, why didn't I think of all your additions! Great job!

Frances Medina said...

Using the triangles at the bottom to me makes it more secure and less chances of sliding out. I don't have the template yet but its nice to know that the tab template is used for more than the tab.

WoolenSails said...

I love her new template and how you can make different styles with it. I tried making one and made it too tight and thick with a basic pattern. I ended up getting a cheap case for now, but would love to make one with pockets. I love the stylus for drawing, I use sketch pad pro, really nice program and maybe I can figure out how to draw better with it, someday, lol.


Marie Laurensia said...'s soo cool. You can created your creative idea in ipad and made case for ipad too.

Frieda said...

Nice job Laura, it is so you. I like the painted elastic in blue/green your favorite color.

Graciela said...

I like your blog!!!, i´m follower now!!!
kisses from Argentina ♥

ShirleyC said...

I really like what you did! I think we have all been seduced. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the changes that you made to customize your iPad cover! Thanks for sharing. This pattern is beginning to seduce me too!

sewmanio said...

Wonderful case Laura! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing again.

ipad 3 cover said...

super cute! I love it!