Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to Tuesdays: Keeping Out of the Shadows

When making a fused art quilt, fabrics are not joined by sewing them together. To join fabrics, you overlap and iron or fused the fabrics together. The overlap only needs to be about 1/4".
Here's a tip: when joining 2 fabrics, overlap the darker value fabric on top of the lighter value fabric. As you can see above, if the light yellow fabric overlaps the dark purple fabric, a shadow is cast. This looks bad. And I should know having done it many times.


WoolenSails said...

Good thing to keep in mind when over lapping. I like doing that with crazy quilt pieces, but usually they are all darker, so don't show through.


Pamela said...

Any hints on when you do want to put a light fabric on dark?
This came up yesterday for me when I was making a small daffodil piece. The broad green leaves showed through the light yellow petals. I fused a white layer to the back of the yellow and that helped somewhat.