Saturday, February 18, 2012

Itchy Fingers

There is something about working with your hands that is so very rewarding. Maybe that's why video games and IPads are so popular. Because you make things happen with your hands.
But don't you pity those who only play video games or manipulate touch screen electronics? They are missing out on the most tactile of art forms.... working with fiber. As a textile artist, you know you love the feel of fiber in our hands. I challenge you to walk through a fabric store and NOT touch the fabric.
 So lets have a moment of silence for those who do not know the wonder of working with fabric and thread. Say a pray for those who know not the value of hand work. Give a loud sigh for those who don't brake for fabric stores. They are to be pitied.


Meg said...

oh! I so agree. These feelings are not easily understood by the less than fabric creative part of non-quilting, sewing, fiber art friends just stand by and nod not knowing the full depth of my passion. it is a special place, the land of tactile creativity. you are an inspiring part of it. thanks.

Gene Black said...

I have a friend who comments that I am always doing something.
He then sits and plays games on the laptop or iPsd. LOL

Pat said...

It's sad, isn't it?

Graciela said...

absolute agreement!!!!
kisses for you ♥

WoolenSails said...

I can't see how people just sit and do nothing, I need to create,but I have my days where I goof off and take a break.


Sewconsult said...

I use to sit and do handwork all the time. Arthritis has robbed me of the ability to do the beautiful embroidery and smocking that I did. It IS hard to sit and not have something to do. I find myself at the computer more and more, rather than watching tv or a movie. Not good, except I have some wonderful people inside my monitor!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Locart said...

It's true!! lovely feelings