Monday, February 06, 2012

Studio Tour Day 4: A Tornado in a Fabric Shop

 Thanks for joining me here on day 4 of my studio tour. We've left the dye/laundry/office and are walking down the hall to my basement sewing studio. You'll notice several things. First, there's a whole lot of color going on!
Second, the furniture and walls are white so you can see a whole lot of color going on.
And third, there seems to be a lot of unfinished projects. They clutter the tables, the pin up board, the shelving, even the floor.

Should I be worried by this "start but no finish" disorder? Maybe.

But there is a positive side to having a list of unfinished projects. Here's how I justify my organized chaos:
  • Creating the design is thrilling! Finishing, not so much.
  • These pieces are studies and a means of working out design problems.
  • Each piece teaches me more about my art and craft.
  • Each piece inspires the next piece
  • There is always something to work on during those dismal days of" not an idea in my head".
So even though my sewing studio resembles a tornado in a fabric shop, it is where I want to be: a place to create art. Please return tomorrow and I'll show you the different work stations in the sewing studio.


Anonymous said...

I sure am enjoying the tour through your art/fabric studios. LOL, are you sure you can fit in there too. LOl. I am loving your hand dyed fabric and threads. They are beautiful. See you tomorrow...

JessicaSews said...

Clearly, this is your creative place and I love it! Bright and Beautiful.

Do you also keep a Journal of ideas? That's where my most of my "ufo's" are... in a book; waiting to be started!

Nancy said...

Worry? No, no worries. All is as it should be... bright, cheerful, inspiring. An overall lovely space.

WoolenSails said...

I keep my fabrics on shelves and try to stack it, so I can see it all, but then some gets lost, especially after I pull things out, then later on, I find a piece that was hidden.

I try to organize and do my colors and types, but you know how it is, once we start pulling things out, it doesn't last long, lol.


Renate said...

I have also been enjoying the tour of your studio. This particular day, I love the coloured drawers in this day's photo. I notice that you have two lights standing there. Are the bulbs in them those special "true daylight" bulbs? and are they positioned for your design wall or just waitingto be used elswhere in your studio, i.e. the dyeing station?

Frannie said...

Love your tours. Soooo, verrrry, jealous. I like how the tornado put together all your lovely colors. :)

I have to say....I also like creating the idea the best.


Es un gran tour, disfruto mucho de conocer su lugar de trabajo!!

Janelle said...

I love your studio and all the color going on. Mine is always in a state of mess too as I work on a bunch of projects all at once.

Gabriela said...

I love your studio!!!!!