Monday, March 19, 2012

Can You Hear the Fabric?

Flowers made with the Baby GO! and a pinking blade.
There is a mountain of irresistible  flowers and flower petals left over from my quilt  for the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit. Like a tempting candy, they call to me in the studio. "Laura," they say, "You must put us on a quilt!"
Bird Walking. It's like dog walking, only with a bird.
Here's one way to use those harping flowers. Find a completed quilt top in the "to be hand-stitched" pile and add pretty pink flowers. The bird is a lot happier now walking through a flower garden. (And the voices in my head are receding.)
A cactus yearning for a blue sun.
Another use for those cute pink petals? Treat them as a single flower like a rare desert bloom. Can you image lots of pink spines poking out from the cactus? Remember hand stitching adds detail to the surface you can't get with fabric alone.


Beth in IL said...

Love those flowers!

Susan said...

Just love the bird quilt! Well they all really wonderful but that bird is so darn cute!

Really Rach said...

such pretty work! x

WoolenSails said...

They really look wonderful in the pieces, great idea for scraps.


Maggie said...

I enjoy your blog most of all the ones I read because you blog a little happiness everyday. Thanks Laura!!!