Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ever Change Your Mind?

A tree top lacking appeal.
Ever change your mind when making a composition? Don't like that tree? Need a change of scene?
Rip that puppy off!
Then just rip it off! That's why I fuse-tack design elements. Fabric barely fused to the surface is easy to remove (later the quilt is steamed to set the glue). Sure you may end up with some glue and fibers on the quilt top but that is easy to clean up.
Scrap off the glue.
Just scrap off the glue and fibers with the flat edge of your scissors or a healthy fingernail.

Then cover up the area with a new design element like a large cloud and a ubiquitous pink flower.
House of Pink Flowers being stitched.
Here's the new quilt design minus the tree. The house is surrounded by a garden of pink flowers attempting to take over the world. Stitching has just begun!


WoolenSails said...

I am always changing my mind, lol.
Love the big flowers around the house, very fun piece.


Betteem said...

My excuse for disorganized fabrics:
People keep distracting me and I need thinking time!! So my theory is: the more thinking time a person has the more organized that person becomes! Like it?
I like your blog and get inspired from looking at your art. Thanks!

CaliQuilter said...

How liberating :)