Thursday, March 01, 2012

Ever Meet a Dim Bulb?

The Lazy Daisy and Pistil Stitch using Size 8 Sprouts.

Times are strange here in Chicagoland. The early March weather is so warm that the garden bulbs are peaking through the soil. I want to say "Go back! It's not safe yet!"

But bulbs never listen. They are so dim.
Size 8 Sprouts thread all dyed up, twisted, and patiently waiting for a label.
But in the spirit of wishing for Spring, I've stitched a few flowers using the Sprouts Colorway. This stitch combination is a Lazy Daisy Stitch alternating with the Pistil Stitch. At least this flower won't freeze!


WoolenSails said...

I love how you embellished the flower. I have wool blocks that i need to finish, so need to come up with some fun embellishments on them.


Beth said...

Love the embellishment. Love your colors.
We are having seriously weird weather aren't we?