Sunday, March 04, 2012

What You Can See from Above

When you hang out in airplanes a lot you see some unusual sights from the window seat. As I depart for Quilting Adventures in Texas today, I'll keep my eyes wide open for more views from the air. Here are a few things I've seen from above:
  • Circular rainbows in the clouds with indigo at the center.
  • River beds that look like tree branches reaching into puddle skies.
  • Puddle skies that are really low hill formations that look like ripples in a puddle.
  • Popcorn clouds, without the butter.
  • Airplane contrails casting striped shadows on the ground. (It took me a long time to figure this out.)
  • Really long shadows cast across fields of snow in the winter.
Crop Circles in process....forever.
  • Crop circles that look like a patchwork quilt and tempt me into making one.
  • Red roof tops creating a beaded surface in random patterns.
  • Towering thunder clouds that the pilot skirts out of respect.
  • Lightening, sunsets, moon rises, and a city like diamonds at night.
The earth is so beautiful from above. And the miracle of flight is......miraculous. What amazing sights have you seen from above?


Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

Ooooo I love the bottom pic!

Safe travels to you, Laura! I'm looking forward to your next birds-eye view shots!

Gene Black said...

ha... I always see that the earth looks like patchwork from the plane. I thought it was just my obsession with piecing.
If you ever get the opportunity, you should take a flight in an ultralight plane. - You can feel the wind in your hair and the view is amazing. This plane has no "hull" you sit in a seat that is secure but is awesome.

Donna said...

The Grand Canyon lit by a full moon - breathtaking. Have a fun trip!

WoolenSails said...

Really wonderful way to inspire you for background ideas.


liniecat said...

I flew as an Air Load Master in the Raf all through the 70's ( on VC 10's) and the most wonderful thing I saw was the northern lights ........... sitting on the flight deck and flying through it was astonishing...
There it is...Oh no now its over there...then its gone altogether and such wild colours!
But my first ever interest in patchwork was from flying over the Uk landscape in summer.
The rich brown ploughed fields, the luminous yellow rape fields, the vibrant blue linseed fields, the various greens in vegetables growing, hedgerows and and grassy hills.......grey windy roads and dry stone walls, sheep and cows here and there and a tractor or too in primary colours.
Your so right, theres SO much to see that can inspire!

Lisa said...

I love the shapes you can see from the window of an airplane but the most amazing thing I've ever seen from a plane window was a lightening storm! When you are on the ground it seems the lightening goes up forever but it doesn't and it is amazing to be above the lightening strikes. It's indescribable!