Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

The Blue Chair makes a cameo appearance.
Have you been duly informed of this amazing event? I am appearing on The Quilt Show tomorrow!

Here's a sneak preview of what you will see. Can you guess what I'm demonstrating?


Gene Black said...

I don't have to guess, because I know what you are demonstrating. Those are some intricate ones.

Sequana said...

How to make Snowman Fright stamps?

WoolenSails said...

I have a good idea, lol.


Anonymous said...

How exciting Laura!!! I don't think I get that show, but I watched your preview and you look great!~ I can say your art work is ALWAYS great! We should call you the snip and clip Queen! :) ♥♥♥

Sewconsult said...

I'll be watching! I love your energy. Can't take a one-on-one class, but this will have to do. Yes, Queen Snipsnclip!