Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Do Stitchers Talk About?

Stitches chatting about stitching?
Don't you just love these two ladies in the embroidery above? The hands on the hips surely suggest they have something important to say. What are they talking about anyway?

Sorry, I can't tell you where the stitched scene came from or who the stitcher is. But you can find this old embroidery work in the Girard Wing of the Museum of International Folk Art  in Santa Fe.
Another embroidery from the Museum.
Maybe the ladies are discussing the fine art of embroidery and how to express so much in so few stitches. Or are they are gossiping about the current price of transportation and how its so hard to find a handsome donkey that gets good gas mileage? What do you think they are saying?


WoolenSails said...

I have seen similar ladies in cross stitch pieces and fractures. In those days they took from sources they had on hand, so the pieces are naive, which I love.


Beth said...

You know stitchers... they could be talking about anything. And I do mean anything.;)

begoña said...

Preciosos tehan quedado losburritosmeencantan ,saludos Begoña.