Friday, May 04, 2012

Do You Feel a Felt Along Coming On?

There is something you must know but promise not to tell.
High on a shelf in my studio are stacks of colorful felt. And I mean stacks! It was purchased many years ago when a sudden whim came upon me and I felt I needed to create in felt. This whim still haunts me today.
The Felt Along involves these shapes. Can you guess what they are?
Being a firm believer in acting upon whims, I have finally begun a felt project. We are calling this project a Felt Along. You are welcome to join me in my Felt Along and make the project too.

The project begins tomorrow. And like an explorer in a foreign land, I ask you to act on your whim and Felt Along with me!
Escapelands #5 by Laura Wasilowski. It could be yours!
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KatieQ said...

I know I've got some wool felt tucked away somewhere. I bought it years ago when I could not ignore its siren song calling to me in the LQS. Once I brought it home, it didn't call out to me anymore so it got tucked away. I want to play at your felt along so I'll be adventurous and search my jungle of a fabric closet. Maybe it's still calling to me, but I can't hear it because it is buried.

Nancy said...

Fun stuff! I have some felt... not a lot, but maybe enough. You asked an we guess what the shapes will be? Clarabelle the Clown?

Carole Kurth said...

Hi Laura,
I too was going to guess a clown, but Nancy beat me to it...I'll say, Las Vegas Fan Dancers?!!

I also have a felt stash--the wool kind, which lures you in with its yummy texture! I'll be checking in to see what fun's afoot!

Robin in WNC said...

I love working with felted wool. I have a table runner in progress right now. Can't wait to see what you do with your felt.

I also have regular felt for projects with the grands.

WoolenSails said...

I have won some bundles of felt, time to use it.


Beth said...

I have quite a bit of felt tucked in a drawer. I think the project will be an owl.

liniecat said...

Oh Im game! ( it will keep me off street corners lol) limited choice of colours but I will adapt!
I thought they were ears and eyes....ish

Judith said...

I have some ugly felt in my bin. I should not call ugly, but,,,they are! I look forward to finding something to do with them. See you tomorrow....Judith, Texas

Maggie said...

I have 2 yards of red wool felt and some awful plastic black felt and bits and pieces of stuff. Can I play too? Hmm? My guess is the beginning of a felted garden.

Marina PĂ©rez said...

Hello Laura:
My name is Marina and I am from Spain, I love felt and I like very much your idea, I think I understand that we can invent a picture using the blue circles and green peaces, isn`t it? it`s dificult for me to know what you want exactly.