Saturday, May 05, 2012

Felt Along Day 1: It Begins with a Moon

Felt and thread chosen for the famous Felt Along.
In an attempt to conquer a huge stack of colorful felt (that has been mocking me for years!) I have decided to begin a felt project. Today is Day 1 of my Felt Along and I hope you'll join me. Be brave my fellow Felt Alongers. It is a good day to Felt Along.

Step #1: Start with an idea for your Felt Along design. For this design I began by free-cutting a little bird. The little bird looks like a crescent moon shape with one tip of the moon rounded for the head (the beak is added later). This attractive bird measures about 4" w x 3" h.

Step #2 Free-cut a background piece of felt measuring about 5" x 5" with a loopy edge. You could use a decorative blade in a rotary cutter to cut the square too. But when you act on a whim you don't always have a rotary cutter handy.

Step #3: Tack the bird onto the background fabric with long stitches to hold it into place. This will stabilize your bird and anchor him for hand embroidery.

Step #4: Free-cut a wing for the bird. The wing is sort of tear-drop shaped and measures about 2" w x 2.5" h. Not sure why I chose this color.

Step #5: Trim the top right side of the wing into 3 feathery points so the bird can get off the ground. We now have a bird in flight.

Please return tomorrow for more of the Felt Along where we discuss bird anatomy and why I don't know it.


Doreen said...

You are absolutely too funny!! May try to join you on this one as I just finished up a quilt project! Love your creativity and colorful adventures!!

shawn said...

Looks cute already! Are you using wool felt?

WoolenSails said...

A lot of times I cut free form, that way each one is a little different, so makes it fun.


Margaret said...

I am relieved. When you wrote 'felt-along' I had visions of needle-felting or wet-felting or knitting ginormous objects and shrinking them in a washing machine of hot, hot water -- none of which I enjoy. But I do have ready-made wool felt and sharp scissors and lots of embroidery floss, so I just might try to make time for a small felty thing this rainy weekend. Thanks!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Shawn,
I'm using acrylic and wool felt. I think. It's bee so long since I purchased the felt I don't remember what the fiber content is!

Beth said...

Going to find my felt and some floss. I am not sure mine will look like a bird, but I will give it a shot.

Mosaic Magpie said...

You have made cutting out a freehand bird, easy! Thank you for the tip on the moon shape.

Faith said...

I may have to dig out some felt and try this. You are a ray of sunlight (even though it's nearly midnight here) and always manage to make me laugh and/or smile.

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