Sunday, May 06, 2012

Felt Along Day 2: Let the Stitching Begin!

The colors in this Size 5 Asters thread is perfecto!
It's Day 2 of our Felt Along and we begin with our free-cut felt bird anchored to a blue felt background fabric. A size 5 thread in the Asters colorway and a size 3 embroidery needle appear out of no where. (Not really. I've got drawers full of thread to choose from.)
Ah, Asters in Size 5, although you stitch like butter you look like a field of flowers.
Size 5 thread is a good weight for felt. It stitches like butter and is bold enough to show up on the dense felt fabric.

To create a decorative touch, we secure the little bird to the background with a Blanket Stitch and the Asters thread. Don't worry, the bird doesn't feel a thing.

After stitching down the bird body, the wing is also stitched with a Blanket Stitch using my favorite Asters thread. ( Is it just me, or do I seem to be obsessed with Asters.)

It is then I discover the bird has no beak. Will the little bird remain beakless? Will he go through life without making a peep? Stay tuned tomorrow for more Felt Along drama.
Escapelands #1 by Laura Wasilowski. Win this!
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Doreen said...

#5 is the size I have always used, also. Sews easily and the overall effect is perfect: shows well but doesn't dominate. It pairs well with the needlefelting motifs I do, also.

WoolenSails said...

I love the variations in the thread, they look so beautiful on your bird.


Amy_Weiser DC said...

Beautiful work!