Monday, May 07, 2012

Felt Along Day 3: A Bird's Eye View

When we last left our little bird in the Felt Along, he was firmly anchored to the background felt with a Blanket Stitch. He was sightless and beakless and obviously in distress. You would be too if you didn't have a beak!

Taking pity on the hapless bird, an eye is cut out of purple felt. It measures about 1/2" across. Sharp little scissors cut felt easily and precisely. (Well, you have to have your fingers in the scissors. The scissors just don't cut on their own.)
For the purple eye, I've picked out a Size 8 thread in the Wisteria colorway. This finer thread will be easier to stitch around the tight curve of the eye.
Ow! That's gotta hurt!
Using the Size 8 thread with a Size 4 embroidery needle, the eye is attached to the bird's head with a Blanket Stitch

Another small dot, measuring about 1/4" across and in the same blue color as the background square, is cut for the inner eye. A little notch is cut out of the dot so the bird looks like he's looking at something.
That little blue dot is held onto the outer eye with a juicy French Knot.

Later I realize that little notch didn't really do the trick. The eye needs a stitch of light colored thread to give the eye more focus.

Please join me in tomorrow's Felt Along when we tackle the longed for bird beak!


Sequana said...

Not just more focus in the eye, but more life. When you see pics of people, there is always a tiny little reflection of light in the eye. I even think that would work without the notch. But then, you're the pro. :)

susan said...

Love your little bird! Would you take a moment to tell us the difference between wool felt and felted wool? I know there is a difference and can never remember which is which. The terms are used inter changeable which doesn't help! Thanks, Sue

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Susan,
Felted wool is woven wool fabric that is washed and dried with heat. The agitation in washing shrinks the fabric and "felts" it in a fluffy solid mass.
Wool felt is made from wool fibers (not woven) that are felted or compacted together using lots of hot water and agitation.
I'm using wool felt that also has acrylic fibers in it. It comes is a huge range of colors. I like color!
Thanks for stopping by the blog!

WoolenSails said...

Great stitch along to see your process and ideas to add dimension to our pieces.


Sue said...

I admire your embroidery is evenly spaced.