Wednesday, May 02, 2012

How Do You Sign Your Art Work?

Coleen's Calling Birds by Laura Wasilowski
Do you sign your art work? The best practice is to always place your name and date somewhere on your art. I mean 100 years from now when your art quilts are in the Louvre you want to be sure you get the credit!

Free cloth label given away with any order from Artfabrik in May.
There are several ways a quilt artist signs their work. They may write on the back of the quilt with a marker or attach a printed or stitched label like this one to the back. (This month, if you place an order on the Artfabrik site, you'll receive a free cloth label like this one.)
I also sign the front of my quilts. Using free motion stitching, I spell it out in cursive strokes similar to my written signature. Fortunately I have one of those names that you need to spell often, so I've had lots of practice. Admittedly if I get distracted I can misspell my own name. Then I become LauaraWasiwasilowski.

How do you sign your art? If you have a short name can I borrow it?


Gene Black said...

Sure, just start signing all you work Gene Black. And don't forget to send me the profits.

mycreativeheart said...

I haven't signed a project yet, but I will start, I like the front signature in quilting...I hear ya on the name...Bongiovanni needs some practice too!

WoolenSails said...

I never sign the ones I keep for myself, but I should. Not that they will ever hang in a museum, but if they last, my kids might like knowing that I made them;) I like how you free motion your name, have wanted to do that with sayings, so I need to practice.


Robin in WNC said...

I always put a label on mine. My signature, while short, is not always legible. You may feel free to borrow it any time!

mags said...

Never signed anything yet ... your work is so lovely I'm sure we would all be proud to lend our names!

Margaret said...

We talked a bit about this at our SAQA Western Canada (Alberta) meeting yesterday. Why do quilt artists sign their names on the back of their pieces when other artists do so on the front?

Maggie Szafranski said...

In my next life I will come back Vietnamese, as the longest Vietnamese name is 6 letters. My name will be Ty Le!

Maggie (aka Margaret) Szafranski, I so know your pain!