Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Cut Wiggly Trees

Prairie Lights #2
Living on the prairie makes you appreciate a good tree line. It assures you that as you approach the horizon you will at least have a tree to hang on to when you reach the edges of the earth. (Us flat landers are very cautious.)

Therefore I have introduced the Chicago School of Fusing Method of Cutting Wiggly Trees!
  1. Cut a 1" wide strip of fabric on the bias. (The bias is a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric. Bias fabrics don't fray and will curve when fused.)
  2. Using a real sharp pair of scissors, begin cutting the strip in half down the length of the strip.
  3. As you cut, wiggly the scissors.
  4. Wiggle them up to make one side of the tree.
  5. Wiggle them down to make the other side of the tree.
  6. Don't cut through the edge of the strip! You want to keep the strip whole.
  7. Save the other side of the strip and use it too.
  8. Use both sides of the wiggle cut strip.
  9. As you fuse it into place, curve the tree line over the hills.
  10. Rejoice in being a cautious flat lander!



Gene Black said...

Thanks Laura, I have been using wiggly scissors to cut out paper for a long time. I don't know why I didn't think of translating it to fabric.

Doreen said...

Your quilts and posts give me my smile/giggle for the day!!! Thank you for being YOU!!!! Hugs, Doreen

Janelle said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm grateful that you share your knowledge.

WoolenSails said...

Great tutorial and I love how you did the fields with pinking shears.


The Invisible Woman said...

Your colorful quilts are really inspiring me! Thanks so much for your blog!

AL~ said...

I love your blog! Very cute.

Deborah said...

I am also a flat lander! I love your prairie sky and wiggly trees!