Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Make a Bias Fuse Collage

Bias fusing is a method of making a straight piece of fabric curve as you fuse it. It is magic! And therefore dangerous! So stand back as I show you how to make a bias fused collage.

1. Cut a square of blue fabric from corner to corner to form 2 triangles. You are cutting the square on the bias or at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric.
2. Cut a set of straight strips that taper from a point to about 1/2" across from the bias edge of each triangle.
3. Fuse-tack an orange square of fabric to a Teflon sheet or a piece of silicone release paper.
4. Tack one of the bias cut fabric strips onto the edge of the orange fabric.
5. Slowly fuse and curve the bias strip across the orange square.
6. Continue to fuse more bias strips across the orange square.

6. After the fabric cools, remove the orange square from the paper.
7. Fold the square from corner to corner with the glue sides out.
8. Free-cut a vase from the folded square.
Betty's Bloomer's #7 by Laura Wasilowski
9. Stick some leaves in the vase, put it on a table, and call it done!


Gene Black said...

What a simple way to add a patterned section to a design.

Doreen said...

Love those flowers and tendrils, too. Riveting to the eyes.....Nicely explained!

Graciela said...

Thanks laura!!!!
is a great tutorial
have a nice day !!!
kisses for you from Argentina ♥♥

Janelle said...

Great design and a nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing your knowledge again.

WoolenSails said...

I have always had trouble getting my stems to twist the way I want, nice idea to try.


Mego said...

Nice! I think I'll try this TODAY. It's raining in Seattle! You need to come HERE so I can stand next to you when I try it! Wonderful tute!

The Invisible Woman said...

Amazing! I didn't even know about teflon sheets or silicone release papers until now. But I do have a question, because I'm a complete greenhorn at applique: how did you fuse your blue strips to the orange fabric?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hello Invisible Woman,
I forgot to mention that all the fabrics I use already have fusible web on them. That's why the blue strips fuse or glue into place on the orange fabric.
Thanks for stopping by!

cat in tassie said...

well, aren't you a clever chook? What a great technique!