Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Stitch a Flower from Flat to Fabulous

Florabunda Stitcherita.
This may look like a plain old flower to you but soon it shall become a fabulous flower through the power of stitchery! This rare hybrid, called Florabunda Stitcherita, is only found in the Chicago School of Fusing garden plot. This quiet corner of the CSOF campus inspires so many of my quilts.
The first step in transforming your loopy flower is to stitch around the outer edge of the flower with a Running Stitch. This is a Size 8 thread in the Aquamarine colorway, the same fabric colorway as the center dot. The Running Stitch outlines the flower and makes it look more sophisticated.
Next add a set of Lazy Daisy stitches around the center dot. The same Size 8 thread in Aquamarine is used. See how the Lazy Daisy stitches give the flower dimension and spirit?
Florabunda Stitcherita in full bloom.
And finally, add an Outline Stitch around the center dot in a Size 8 Petunias colorway. That'll pop that center dot out! Cover the flower petals with dozens of dotty French Knots (Size 8 Nasturtium) to create texture. At last! We have converted our shy little flower into a blooming beauty!


Doreen said...

Sophistication personified, once again! Have an awesome holiday weekend! Hugs, Doreen

Linda said...

What a beautiful transformation! Thank you!

The Invisible Woman said...

I love it! Your thread is amazing.

Beth said...

A wonderful transformation indeed!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful display on how to change a simple flower into something fabulous with stitching.