Friday, May 11, 2012

What Does Frankenstein Have to Do with This Quilt?

Birdhouse #8 by Laura Wasilowski
It's been a transformative experience for my Birdhouse #8 quilt this past week. First, I unearthed it from a stack of quilts in the "Made But Forgotten" pile of quilts I keep next to the "Made But Can't Think of What to Do With" pile.
Birdhouse #8 detail.
This quilt, measuring 14" w x 20" h, was created in 2003 when I was but a child. Machine quilted and bound, it had that never quite complete look about it. What did it need?
Birdhouse #8 detail now stitched.
Why a few hand stitches of course! Without the hand stitching the quilt looked unfinished. But through the miracle of hand stitchery, the little quilt transformed. Like resuscitating Frankenstein, it's alive!


Doreen said...

I have said it before: You have such an interesting command of the English language......great to begin the day with a 'giggle'!!!! Seriously(?) though, I absolutely love how you transform everything from "yes, that's cute/ok" to "off the chart whimsical fantasy" that draws us in to investigate all that is there.....and there is something to discover 'around every corner'!!! Charming! Hugs, Doreen

shawn said...

It looks so whimsical- I love it! Since it was already bound, how did you hide the knots from your stitchery? Did you have to take it apart?!

WoolenSails said...

Stitches are definitely the best finishing touch, it ads life and dimension.


Beth said...

What a wonderful transformation. And a great reminder that those small touches make all the difference in our quilts.