Sunday, June 24, 2012

Habit Forming

Close that blade!
I try to practice good habits in everyday life. Like brushing and flossing at bed time. Eating non-junk food. And most importantly, looking both ways before crossing a street.

How did you form that good habit? By repetition! (Or by getting hit by a car.)
Turn off that iron!
Here are a few life saving habits I practice when making art in my studio.They are the reason I am here today:
  • closing the rotary cutter blades after cutting
  • turning off my iron when not in use
  • avoiding fabric sales at quilt shops
  • setting aside time to play
Anything else I should be doing?


Margaret said...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I forget to turn off my sewing machine. This happens most often when the day is sunny and I forget that it's on because the wee light isn't obvious. I come along hours later -- at dusk or darker -- and discover it, still glowing faithfully. Now I try to turn it off, put the foot down, and cover it before I leave.

Truffle queen said...

I agree with everything - EXCEPT avoiding sales in quilt shops! lol

Bev said...

Well, Truffle Queen took the words right out of my mouth! If I were betting, I would bet that the fact that you make your own beautiful fabric will help you with avoiding sales at quilt shops...heh heh. My big one is finishing some ufo's. I've been blogging about my progress and it's kind of...well, let's just say probably impressive only to me. Have a happy Sunday! Cheery wave from Bev

vickievanphd said...

Well I just finished the Western WA Shop hop...sooooo I was in the Quilt shops..all day :) We did 14 or one day!! from Bellingham, WA all the way to North Bend...It was so much fun and we were tired and happy at the close of the day. Today going to Lynden, WA a very small town with 3 that's right, 3 quilt shops, to finish. Although I have worked for 2 days at one of the shops...just can't stay away. In conclusion (yes there is an end) Laura do not avoid the hops, become a hopper! You will be better for it!!!! Have a great Sunday

Cornwoman said...

I think finding at least one new thing to be thankful for would be my addition to the list of things to do each day.

WoolenSails said...

Pick up any needles that you dropped on the floor, lol.
I am bad, I never close mine and I have an automatic shut off, iron, I need it;)


susan said...

keep up your high-fiber fabric diet and keep on writing your blog and books, I really enjoy them.

Carol said...

I"ve left my sewing machine on overnight a couple of times. Just walk out of the room and don't come back. Luckily my iron is one of those that goes off and blinks even though it is still plugged in. The heat goes off. The iron also had a cordless feature where you can just carry it around the room with you without the cord! Love it.

Beth said...

Well....I agree with all of it except the staying out of quilt shops, I work in one. LOL
But it is a good idea.