Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Make a Saucy Fowl

Here we have our little bird looking mildly startled by all the attention her knotty crest is getting. It must be because of the exotic Pistil Stitch! You know the Pistil Stitch. It looks like a French Knot with a stick on it.

My favorite embroidery stitch, the Pistil, is perfect for a bird's crest, don't you agree?  I mean if I were a bird, I'd want my crest to look just like this.
But wait! What if we were to add a Couching thread over the stem part of the Pistil Stitch? Now the little bird's crest is even fancier.  The Pistil Stitch and Couching makes this bird is one saucy fowl.


Gene Black said...

hmm..i have done a good many pistil stitches. I didn't think of couching that thread!

WoolenSails said...

I still haven't tried that stitch, it really makes your bird so fun and full of character.


Anonymous said...

What kind of sauce? It sounds delicious. Uuuuummm...I mean that it looks like fun.

Beth said...

All the plain birds will turn green. ;)