Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Whole Lot of Pattern Going On

Zaragosa, Spain.

One of the perks of being a traveling quilt teacher is visiting exotic places. And I'm not talking exotic places like Elgin Illinois. I mean exotic places like Zaragosa, Spain.
Zaragosa has been the cross roads of so many cultures though out history. And each culture made sure to leave its mark. Here's a good example of patterned brick work found in Zaragosa that stops many a quilter in her tracks.
Apple Trio
Patterning of the surface is a favorite pass time of mine. Pattern, whether made with fabric or thread or bricks, evokes a sense of rhythm to art work. And, like a brick layer, you gotta have rhythm.


Gene Black said...

Some of those old world buildings are just amazing.

eily62 said...

I could sign on as your assistant!!!

vickievanphd said...

Love the picture! My Son went to Italy, he thought that me loving the picture of a really geometric, cool ceiling was weird...hey I am a quilter...and he didn't even visit Aurifil while in who's the weirdo?? LOL LOL
Vickie Van Dyken