Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bird Stitchery #2: Begin with the Focal Point

Being the focal point of our quilt design, the bird gets all the stitching attention first. A neat application of the Outline or Stem Stitch around his body in a bright orange thread lifts him off the background fabric. Lucky he's not afraid of heights!
We use that same Outline Stitch for part of the wing. But the rest of the wing is edged with a Blanket Stitch. Let's pretend this stitch replicates bird feathers, OK?
Some people use beads. But I'm a big fan of the French Knot to build texture on the surface. A few French Knots in the Sunrise colorway decorate the front of his wing. Stay tuned tomorrow as he gets even more decoration. A bird can never have enough fancy plumage!


Gene Black said...

I have a field of French knots on the piece I am working on now. An internet friend thought that they were beads. So, they fill that use very well!

Laura Lea said...

I'm loving to seeing your design work and hearing your thoughts about what you doing as you go. Thank you so much for sharing. I agree that the blanket stitch shows the edges of the bird's feathers. Love your use of French knots too. Beads sometimes are too shiny and take the eye off of the subject matter, at least that is what happens to me as I start wondering what kind of bead it is, what size is it, and if it's glass or not? See how beads distract me... That being said, I'm in awe when people use beads that are incorporated in such a way as to build the design not distract from it. It's not as easy to do as people think. Your use of colors and threads usually is all the sparkle your art needs!

WoolenSails said...

I love how that outline stitch looks, really emphasizes the bird and makes it pop as you said below. I do like using the blanket stitch for wings and like how you mixed the two.


Cornwoman said...

I love it so far!