Friday, July 06, 2012

Do You Journal When You Create Art?

Fabric palette for Seasonal Palette design.
The premier of SAQA's Seasonal Palette exhibit will take place at the International Quilt Festival in October of this year. It's an honor to be part of this SAQA exhibit. And I'm happy to say the art quilt is complete!
Strip fusing a collage for the sky.
I'd love to show you an image of the piece but it must be saved for the premier. Instead, I shall tease you!
A collage for a hill.
The organizers of the exhibit asked that the artists to keep a journal during the creation of the quilt. My journal documents the process from concept to completion. This was not easy!
Leaves for a tree.
I seldom write about what I'm making when I make art. Occasionally I'll take process photos. The photos can be used for lectures or teaching. But the written portion of journal keeping is just too cumbersome for me. I just want to make the art!


Janelle said...

I like to make a rough sketch with some notes, but that is about all that I journal.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I tend to just photograph some of the steps as the quilt progresses. I did try to write thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc, but it takes me right out of "The Zone".