Monday, July 23, 2012

Improvising #5: The Bird Gets Engaged

The little bird now has a set of trees on his horizon. A decorative cut strip of fabric from my fused fabric scrap heap is quickly cut into triangles to form the tree tops. Maybe his nest is located in the trees. Or he's looking for shade from the blazing sun that soon enters the picture.
A crescent free-cut from a yellow/orange fused fabric makes that blazing sun. This is the good part about using hand dyed fabrics. The gradation from orange to yellow gives you those hot fingers of the sun. 

The yellow/orange sun is slipped behind the ground collage. The sun color repeats the colors found in the bird's beak, tree trunks, and batik fabric found in the ground collage. Repetition of color carries your eye around the piece and engages the viewer. It's good to be engaged. It keeps you out of trouble.


Saturday Crafters said...

Thanks so much Laura for this play by play of creating a fused art quilt - for a newbie fuser this is great information!

WoolenSails said...

With rug hooking we always used the rule of 3's for color, what would you say is a good balance of color in a piece?


Laura Lea said...

I am enjoying watching your work, it's like standing behind you and seeing what you look at and listening to why you choose what you do. You've not only engaged the bird you've engaged me into your design process. Thank You! I've been inspired! I'm going to look at my scraps differently now!

Anonymous said...

Being engaged keeps you out of trouble???? If I'd only known...... lol

Beth said...

It is good to stay out of trouble.
I like the trees. Love that sun.

begoƱa said...

Te ha quedado muy bonito y con mucho detalle saludos.