Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Improvising #6: Why You Should Stop Yourself

Wait! Stop right where you are!
This may sound strange but sometimes I have to stop myself when I make art. Our little bird quilt is a good example. When making a quilt, it's good to step away from it and give it some breathing room. Why? Because there's a tendency to add too many details when creating a new composition.

And, keep this in mind: hand embroidery will also be part of the design.
Little bird with an orange outline stitch.
So I've stopped adding fabric details to this composition and have started hand embroidery. When making your next fused art quilt, keep the stitch in mind. Stitching will change the appearance of the quilt a great deal. You don't have to add every detail with fabric.

In the next few days I'd like to show you how hand stitchery changes this little bird quilt from something rather flat to a piece full of texture, pattern, and life!


Gene Black said...

Thanks! I have a tendency to go overboard. It will be interesting to see how much you add with stitches to this piece.

Mary Ann said...

I thought at first when I saw the thread from the embroidery- that's interesting- it's a momma bird taking the thread back to the trees for nest building!

Cornwoman said...

I'm with Gene...I tend to want to add lots of details, but I suspect that the less is more principal is best here.

Laura Lea said...

I saw what Mary Ann saw, thread hanging out of beak as a bird is flying to trees to make a nest! The contrast of thread around the bird is great! I am glad you are going to keep this simple as it simply sings already and just needs some fine tuning not overdoing!

Linda said...

Good reminder! I also saw the thread as something the bird was carrying!

Jacquelin said...

Me gusta mucho poder ver el proceso de creación de uno de sus edredones. Gracias por sus lecciones.