Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Art Out of Scale: Birdland #3

Birdland #3 by Laura Wasilowski
Our next fused art quilt completed in June is a variation on a quilt called Nice Neighborhood created for my book Fanciful Stitched Colorful Quilts. (Here's a  free pattern of Nice Neighborhood provided by C&T Publishing.)

Is it just me or is this bird a little out of scale? Not that I care!
Nice Neighborhood by Laura Wasilowski from Fanciful Stitches.
The reason for the similarity between the quilts relates to the book. In writing Fanciful Stitches I had to make several editions of the quilt to develop the pattern. Not that I care!


Gene Black said...

No he isn't out of scale. He is just flying way closer to the viewer than the house is. I am saying it is to increase the depth of the picture.

Aliceart said...

No, no, he's perfect. It's your world, after all!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet bird is just part of a new species of "super birds" that are able to leap tall buildings in a single flutter.

WoolenSails said...

I love adding things that are out of scale, makes it more fun and whimsical, both pieces are wonderful.