Friday, July 13, 2012

New Art with a Checkered Past: Birdland #4

Birdland #4 by Laura Wasilowski
Our next new art quilt is called Birdland #4. And it has a rather checkered past. You see it traveled a great deal, saw the world, ate too much fast food but never really settled down.
Birdland #4 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski
All those years the collages in Birdland #4 acted as samples for my class, Tiny Homes. Then one day while teaching I decided I loved the collages too much. They needed a home. So I made them into a quilt. They are much happier now.


Gene Black said...

The bird on this one is decidedly "out of proportion" - But I really like it! It adds a whimsical idea that maybe this tiny town is a toy town or perhaps the home of little people who are hiding inside. Why are they hiding? Hey, didn't you see that giant bird? It tried to grab Timmy!

WoolenSails said...

That is a fun theme for classes, lots of interpretations can be done with it.


Cornwoman said...

Super Birds!!! lol The houses look like fun, and I could build my "dream home" finally!

OPQuilt said...

Okay, as a fan--you've done it again. Love seeing your creations, and the narrative is terrific, too.

Glad to find your blog!

Elizabeth E.