Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bird Stitchery #8: The Bird Acquires a Necklace

The little bird looks a little drab to me. Maybe its all that flying that's wearing him out. (I know how he feels!) Let's add 3 rows of Running Stitches around his neck to perk him up. His new necklace is also very slimming, don't you think?
At this point I could put the backing on the quilt and add free motion stitching to the background fabrics. But the hotel I'm staying at thoughtlessly does not have a sewing machine in the room or lobby. So the background shall have to be stitched by hand.
It's OK. The Running Stitch makes for mindless stitching. I can do mindless all day long! Please return tomorrow when I happily and mindlessly finish our little bird quilt.

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Cornwoman said...

How rude of the hotel to not have at least one sewing machine in the entire place. You didn't ask for a non-sewing room did you?? It looks like you're compensating very well, though.