Sunday, August 05, 2012

Guest Artist: You Gotta Love a Mystery

Carolyn's cactus from the Quilting Adventures workshop.
Today's guest artist is Carolyn, who attended my Quilting Adventures class in Texas this Spring. Carolyn is part of an art quilt challenge blog called the Material Mavens. With women from all over the US and 2 from Scotland they create 12"x12" quilts based upon a challenge word.
Carolyn's  12 x 12 quilt.
Can you guess what the challenge word theme is for her well designed quilt above? It was "mystery." As in, it's a mystery what lies behind those wonderful doors you see on Santa Fe homes. I love a good mystery and I love this quilt! Thank you Carolyn for sharing your work with us!


Gene Black said...

What? No men in the group?? Oh well, I suppose I won't try to infiltrate that group. LOL

MulticoloredPieces said...

Dropped by from Quilting bloggers (or is it blogging quilters?) I'm enjoying your guest artist series. Your blog is so fun and creative!
best from Tunisia,

Anonymous said...

Fun quilts...thanks for sharing them! There is a great art quilt group on Connecting Threads' "Quilt With Us" called "Love Of Art Qulting". If it weren't for these wonderful and talented ladies, I'd have never found art quilting or have tried it. I love it...and them. There are many talented ladies from Australia and the US and Canada too (I think). We did have a guy or two, Gene, but they didn't hang around long.

Alice said...

I am so excited to see Carolyn's beautiful Mystery quilt! I would urge all of you out there who follow Laura's blog to visit ours sometimes. Our latest quilts were based on the theme Daydreams. You can see a mosaic of all these quilts--and check out Carolyn's gorgeous one-- at

As for the Mystery quilts, you can see them all, including Carolyn's, at

Laura, I was supposed to be in this same class at QA that Carolyn took, but life intervened, making it impossible for me to attend. Hope to take a class from you eventually!