Thursday, August 09, 2012

Guest Artists: Group Show

From my Garden of Eden class by Mary Lou.
My first visit to St. Louis was a delight! First I love the city, the lively vibe, and of course the food. Then there was a great group of quilt makers in my classes too. Who could ask for more?
Sorry, I don't have this person's name. Anyone know?
Here are the pictures of the finished quilts from Bits 'n' Pieces Guild in St Louis. They proudly displayed them in their recent quilt show.  Sorry, I don't have the name of artist for the 2 quilts above. Anyone know? You gotta love those stripes!


Gene Black said...

Thanks for sharing these. I love the quizzical look on the birds face in the anonymous work.

Mary Ellen said...

First visit to St. Louis? I thought that I took a class with you last year at Circle in the Square Quilt Guild. That was you, wasn't it? You don't have a doppelganger (that word actually needs an umlaut over the "a"- you know, those two little dots - but my keyboard doesn't have them)?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing my quilt. I didn't know quilting could be so much fun until I took you class. I have made several small quilts since taking your class. I have also done some hand dyeing. Wow, is that fun! I check your blog everyday for more inspiration.
Mary Lou

Laura Wasilowski said...

And thank you Mary Ellen for taking my class!

Candy said...

Laura those two were mine. candy

Candy said...

OOPs actually the houses are mine and the bluebird is Judy's. Sorry.